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Installing a door access control system in San Diego comes in a few different forms. Door access control systems can range from one door to multiple doors in many locations. At Alpha Computer Group we give the option to make changes to the door access control system over time. For example, we always make sure to design a system that can be expanded in the future because when one person, or one company, gets control of one door, they almost always come back to us wanting to control more doors in the future.  Alpha Computer Group offers top-notch Security Access Control Systems with prompt professional service and you can rest assured that with over 10 years of expertise in all Access Control systems from Door Bell/ Buzzer, Intercom and Door Entry systems repair you can rest assured that you will be provided with a solution which will be in service for many long years.  Alpha Computer Group will install, maintain, and support Access control systems who’s main purpose is to manage the entry and exit of people through a secure area.  It is a critical aspect of a complete intercom and security system for your San Diego building or business. The access control system distinguishes authorized from non-authorized requests for entry.  Access to a San Diego building or office can be controlled by a key card, key fob, keypad, HID, Eye Scanners (Retina), Facial Recognition or fingerprint reader.

IP Access Control Systems San Diego

Alpha Computer Group is a leading installer of IP-based access control technology, we are integrators and re-sellers actively serving San Diego and surrounding areas. Our PoE-powered IP access control solutions are installed in more than 80,000 doors in businesses, schools, hospitals, municipalities and industrial facilities throughout San Diego and the Southern California.

IP Access Control Systems work well as stand alone solutions; however the greatest benefits are realized when incorporated with IP Video Surveillance Systems. IP Access Control Systems work together with IP Video Surveillance Systems to deliver complete physical security solutions that work with your existing data infrastructure. These systems are highly scalable, easy to deploy and manage across multiple locations, and provide you with the granular control that is necessary to secure even the most sensitive areas.  IP Access Control Systems in San Diego give you enterprise – wide visibility with unlimited growth potential.

Is your organization ready for IP Access Control? Alpha Computer Group is San Diego’s number Access Control System Installer!

IP Access Control Systems integrate with IP Video Surveillance systems to give you a birds eye view of who’s attempting to gain access, where, and in real time. By combining critical information from both systems you gain visual confirmation that the person attempting entrance is, in fact, who they are claiming to be.

IP Access Control Systems

Alpha Computer Group provides every aspect of a reliable security system by integrating surveillance cameras with your access control system or IP access control system. We provide the necessary tools to enable viewing of all cameras at all locations. Recordings can be constant, on a scheduled basis, motion activated, or event triggered when someone buzzes the doorbell or intercom for example. And you can be notified by your preferred method – E-mail, text, phone, etc. Plus, we offer a variety of identification technologies such as key tags, ID badges, and biometric fingerprinting.

• You control who has access, when they have access and where they have access

• You have the ability to see the authorized users who gained access, as well as the unauthorized users who attempted access

• Integration with surveillance cameras permits instant recording when unauthorized access is attempted or an alarm is generated.  The video triggers notification (including a picture of the event) via your preferred method (E-mail, text, etc.)

Biometrics Access Control Systems San Diego

A biometric access control system in San Diego is simply a way to identify a person in order to grant or deny access to a building, area, or room. Like all access control systems in San Diego, these systems are electronically controlled and give full power of control to the building’s owner or manager. Unlike most access control systems, biometric systems require only the physical presence of the person who wishes to open the door – no cards, key fobs, or metal keys are needed.

Today biometric access control systems are more affordable and user-friendly than ever, allowing even burgeoning businesses to protect  their offices with the most cutting-edge security on the market. We provide the best biometrics  access control system installation San Diego has to offer.  Because you want the most advanced and user-friendly systems, we  stay at the forefront of technology with our main focus on customer service.

San Diego Biometric Access Systems that Alpha Computer Group installs, maintains, and fully supports are considered state of the art, and in California they are commonly used with either fingerprint or facial recognition to provide security that cannot be duplicated by any other method. Key fobs, identification cards, physical keys, and PINs can be stolen. Guards at each door to check identification can be unreliable and are always expensive.

Biometric Access Control System

Access Control System Installation San Diego | Access Control Systems San Diego

Card Access Systems San Diego

Card access control systems use smart card technology to encode different levels of security clearance for individuals to enter a facility or use certain equipment. They also provide information about who was where and what they were doing.

Card access is used by many businesses to allow employees to enter facilities and provides the first layer of protection against intruders. Many businesses also put employees’ photos on their smart cards and ask them to display their access cards as ID when they are on business property

Card Access Control Systems

Smart cards have the benefit of being more durable than keypad entry, which can quickly wear down after thousands of presses. In addition, businesses can take immediate action to deactivate a card that is reported lost or stolen and issue a new one to the employee.

Some businesses use smart cards to access and/or activate equipment that is segregated for purposes of security, such as computers used for high-clearance government or military contracts. Others may want to restrict access to particularly expensive equipment or equipment that requires special training to use.

Biometric Scanners San Diego |Eye Retina Iris Scanners San Diego | Proximity Card Access Control Systems San DiegoAlpha Computer Group is leading installer of attendance machines, time accounting systems, and access control systems for San Diego. We provide face attendance machines as well as fingerprint attendance machines.  Electronic access control,  used in combination with Digital Video Surveillance, dramatically improves security and is the most effective method of controlling access to your office or facility. Inexpensive plastic access cards can be programmed to restrict access of specific areas to certain individuals while recording the time, date, and location of both authorized and unauthorized access attempts. These cards can also double as a form of photo-ID and again, are great for monitoring employee time and attendance, security patrols of the property, and limiting access to sensitive areas. Biometrics, such as hand or eye scanners, are also available to further elevate security at highly restricted sites. Access control system with the help of face (facial recognition), help of eyes (retina, iris, retinal scanners) finger and RFID cards,  smart cards,  proximity cards.   We are San Diego’s number 1 choice for Access Control Systems – Sales, Service, and Installations.  Alpha Computer Group can provide you with access control systems and access technology that meets your exact needs. Contact us today to discuss if this solution is the right one for your business.

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