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Intercom Systems | Paging Systems Installation San Diego

Intercom & Paging System Installation San Diego

Intercom-Paging-Public-Announcement-PA-Systems-San-DiegoAlpha Computer Group designs and installs professional overhead ceiling speaker systems for intercom paging, public address, music, and other commercial and industrial audio and video applications. We engineer our paging systems so that your audio is heard where you want, when you want. Paging Systems allows people inside a building or office to communicate with each other as well as communicating with visitors from the outside. Alpha Computer Group intercom & security is a complete security solution company in San Diego specializing in corporate, commercial, and residential systems. We carry, install and service most systems. Video & Speaker design is crucial when considering ceiling height, foot traffic and other surrounding noise when designing the correct speaker and amplifier for the power each speaker needs to operate. In addition to paging; background music, alerting devices or announcements are also provided and connected by Alpha Computer Group to the paging system. Paging systems can vary from 25 volts, 70 volts, 24 volts or 8 ohms. Selecting the right system for your application is where our expertise is the invaluable.

Intercom System Installation San Diego

An intercom is a great way to improve the security and functionality of your home or business. Whether you just want to be able to open your door remotely or need the ability to control access to your property, An door buzzer system is a great way not only to confirm who is waiting at your door to be let in, but to let them in or refuse them access, as needed. If you are the owner of a property. consider getting door buzzer system installation to make your property more security.

Building Intercom system | Intercom Systems

An audio intercom system allows you to receive auditory confirmation of who is waiting at your door,without you even having to approach the door.The most common use for this kind of intercom is in multi-level apartment buildings. A person who wants to enter the building but does not have a key simply buzzes the apartment of the person they are visiting, and the person in the apartment above confirms who it is and then buzzes the person in.While these systems are most common in residential areas, they can be just as useful for businesses and Building.

Video & Audio Intercom Systems

A video door buzzer system is a little bit more advanced, allowing the person inside the building to actually see and even hear the person who is waiting outside. This is vital for those who want to be very, very sure of who they are letting into the building, before they press that button to let them in.

Residential Intercom System | Apartment Building Intercom System

Whether for apartment buildings or for single family homes,a residential Door Buzzer system can be extremely useful. They allow the residents to allow or deny access to individuals waiting outside,from a remote area. This is a great option for very large home, for those who cannot always get to the door quickly, or for buildings like apartment buildings, where going down to the lobby to let someone in is not always an option.

Business Intercom System | Commercial Intercom System

Businesses or Building owner can also benefit from Audio or Audio and Video door buzzer systems. Any business and building owner or Building Manager that wants to control who enters the building or the offices should use a commercial door bell system (intercom system),either with an audio or video feed.

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Public Address

Zoned paging systems by Alpha Computer Group allows public address announcements to be made throughout your facility, either to select sections or to the entire facility as required.

Ceiling Speaker Design

Care is taken when designing our systems to assure speaker selection, placement, and configuration meets the unique needs of every building so that when announcements are made, they are heard clearly but not so loud as to be disruptive.

Telephone Integration

We’ll integrate your paging system with just about any phone system so paging announcements to the overhead speaker system can conveniently be made from any facility phone.

Background Music

Pipe background music throughout your facility, or only to certain areas. When a page is made, the background music can be automatically muted until the page is completed.

Night Ring

When your phone system shifts over to night mode, have it send a signal to our paging system that will ring throughout your facility so that anyone in the facility will know there is an incoming call.

Alert Tones

Alert tones can be triggered based on time of day, alarm conditions, or other external triggers.

We install most major brands including but not limited too:

Aiphone, Comelit, Alpha, Door King, Keri, Entraguard, Tektone, Lee-Dan, Linear, PK 543, Viking, Elastix PBX, FREEpbx, PIAF, Algo Solutions, Samsung, Seco-Larm, Elvox, Asterisk PBX. and Panasonic.

Commercial Intercom System Installation

Commercial intercom systems San Diego are generally designed specifically to the customer’s application. These systems are as basic as telephone intercom paging systems and as advanced as voice evacuation systems for factories and large industrial complexes.

Residential Intercom Systems Installation

Apartment intercom systems San Diego generally interface or connect with the main telephone system in the building complex. By accessing the lobby intercom station the visitor connects with the tenant’s telephone. The tenant then grants entry by pressing the “*” button on the telephone keypad, which releases the door lock granting entry to their guest. ┬áVideo cameras have been added in lobbies so the tenant can view the visitor on a television station before granting entry.

Door entry systems

We have the largest selection of door entry phone systems . Whether your application is residential, commercial or institutional, we have the right product for you, at the right price. We specialize in home Door Entry Security systems.

Intercom System Installation and Repair

Are you looking for a skill intercom and paging system installation and services company serving San Diego? Alpha Computer Group, is usually an easy, truncated process. We install your intercom system professionally,so you do not have to worry about whether or not it actually works. Whether you want an easy way to let people into your apartment building remotely or want to be able to control who gets into your office building, an intercom is a great way to provide access control and greater security.

If you already have an door buzzer system, intercom system, public announcement system (PA Systems), or paging system that is no longer functioning properly, we also provide Intercom, PA, and Paging System repair services for the San Diego area. Having an intercom. PA, or paging system that does not work properly can be frustrating,but we’re here to take that stress away. Contact Alpha Computer Group for all of your Audio/Video, PA, Intercom, and Paging needs @ (619) 331-0909.

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