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Network Cabling San Diego

network cabling san diego | Structured Cabling San Diego | Cat5 cabling san diego | Cat6 cabling san diego | Low Voltage Cabling San Diego | Voice & Data Wiring San DiegoSan Diego’s most established data cabling installers, has been installing data cabling in San Diego for more than 10 years. From CAT 5 cabling, CAT 5e cabling, CAT 6 cabling, CAT 7 cabling, Coax, Low Voltage Cabling to Fiber optic cabling and video cabling, we can handle all of your Voice & Data Cabling installation needs, from entire buildings to partial floors and offices. Alpha Computer Group’s Cabling Installers are industry certified IT technicians and engineers to design and manage your structured data cabling installation projects.  Structured cabling has become a necessity today in both the commercial and residential markets. There is wide variety of services available today from multiple service providers.

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Business Phone Systems San Diego

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Whether you’re looking for a small traditional phone system or a cutting edge VoIP system, we specialize in helping San Diego businesses speak to the world. As a phone system installation company built on referrals, we know that when investing in an office phone system it needs to be built solid, designed with foresight, and easy to use.A PBX (private branch exchange) phone system is a singularly flexible and reliable communications solution for large and small companies alike. A PBX system acts as a central nexus point for all internal phone calls, and automatically handles switching connections between two or more telephone users. Essentially, the PBX acts as the central operator for all phone call transactions, message handling, and retrieval.  Three flavors of PBX solutions are provided by Alpha Computer Group: Traditional PBX, IP PBX, and Managed PBX. Each offer distinctive advantages and suitability for different phone and messaging requirements. Alpha Computer Group’s telecommunications engineers have full certification for all major phone platforms, and are expert in the installation, maintenance, and upgrading of all types of PBX solutions.Which type of PBX system is appropriate for your company depends on many variables: phone capacity, compatibility with existing, equipment, the features set required, and the level of investment your organization is willing to undertake. Reliable, expandable, powerful. An IP PBX or IP Telephone System consists of one or more software-based SIP phones, an IP PBX server, and an optional VoIP (Voiceover Internet Protocol) gateway, which is used to connect to existing PSTN lines. Hosted PBX utilizes a secure internet connection to enable Neteam to manage your entire phone installation from an offsite location. In some instances, cost savings of up to 85 percent have been accomplished by switching from an internal PBX system to a hosted environment.

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Security Camera Systems San Diego

Security Camera Systems San Diego, Security Cameras San Diego, Security Camera System Installation San Diego, Home Security Camera Systems San Diego, Business Security Camera Systems San Diego, Low Voltage Cablign San Diego, IP Security Camera System Installations San Diego, IP Camera Installer San Diego, Total Security Systems San Diego

From Spy Cameras to digital video recorder equipment, we offer high quality video surveillance products at everyday low prices. We offer complete security camera solutions that are becoming an absolute necessity for your business and home. Chain stores, commercial customers and homeowners approve of our top-notch services and innovative product lines and appreciate our outstanding effort at handling their CCTV security business. We make sure to deliver the special care and attention that is required toward improving your DVR Surveillance system for business and home security equipment.

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Access Control Systems San Diego

Access Control System Installation San Diego | Biometric access control systems san diego | Card Access Control San Diego  | Biometric Access Control Systems San Diego | Retina Access Control San Diego | HID San Diego | Electronic Magnetic Locks San Diego | Door Strikes San Diego | Time Accounting San Diego| Access control Integration San Diego

An access control system allows you to control individuals access to secure areas based on any criteria you set, protecting your building or business. Access controls enable an authority to not only control access to given areas but to record entries and exits even to multiple facilities with complex requirements.  Alpha Computer Group custom designs and installs access control solutions including door access controls, keyscan systems, wireless systems, and more in the San Diego area.  Access control system’s, contols access to a particular door or gate by either a valid code, card or biometric entry. Once the correct code or valid card or biometric scan is presented to the access control keypad, reader or scanner the door or gate will electroniclly open to allow aceess.

Card Access Control | Biometric Access Control Systems | Retina Access Control | HID | Electronic Magnetic Locks | Door Strikes | Time Accounting | Access control Integration

Intercom and Paging Systems San Diego

Intercom Systems San Diego | Paging Systems San Diego | PA Systems San Diego | Apartment Building Intercoms San Diego | Commercia Intercom Systems San Diego | Hospital Paging Systems San DiegoIntercoms and paging systems are essential in the home or workplace to communicate quickly with just one person or to broadcast a message to a large group or workforce. Whether you need a single warehouse connected, a home, an entire building or a full campus, the Paging and Intercom Systems team at Alpha Computer Group will design, build, install and service intercom and paging systems throughout San Diego. Intercoms are a great way to increase security and make communication between employees easier. Depending on the size of your building and the security detail that you have, there will most likely be somebody on the first floor who signs people in and out and checks the cameras for activity. With the use of an intercom, nobody can enter unless given permission by the company they are coming to see and can save you the hassle and trouble of break-ins and unwanted visitors. If your business has an existing paging or intercom system, our cabling team can also service, repair or replace it. We sell, install and service all paging systems in the entire San Diego area. We offer Indoor, Outdoor, and PA Systems. Our customers use paging systems for both external paging, and over head music. We have installed paging systems in machine shops, dentist offices, car lots, military bases, chemical plants, business offices, packing yards, recycling centers, doctors offices, restaurants, pizza shops, hospitals, schools, daycares and many others. Paging systems can be as simple as a weatherproof outdoor speaker to blast proof sirens, high intensity flashing strobes for noisy locations to soft music over your dentist chair! With our knowledge, skills and experience in paging and intercom systems, Alpha Computer Group can implement the system you require and then administer the on-site expertise to solve and repair any problem in your paging and intercom systems.

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